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5 Ways To Maintain Your Gut Health While Travelling

July 18, 2019

Nothing quite dampens the excitement of a new adventure than an upset gut. Whether you’re mid-flight or in the middle of nowhere, it’s hard to focus on the joys in-front of you when the inside discomfort is distracting. 


Luckily, there are plenty of ways we can take charge to support and nourish our tum, whether it’s with the help of health drinks, eating probiotic foods, avoiding coffee, de-stressing the mind or by sipping probiotic drinks. By actively adopting these tactics, and more, into your daily travel routine, you can support your gut health and get back to the more important aspects of a new journey: enjoying yourself.  


Ranging from probiotic drinks to meditation, here are 5 ways to support your gut health while travelling. 




Keep A Travel Probiotic Handy 

Probiotics can serve a variety of purposes, whether it’s boosting your immune system, balancing your gut bacteria, preventing and treating gut discomfort, or even supporting mental health. It’s due to this combination of effects that probiotics make a worthy travel companion, helping to keep your body regular. 


Non-refrigerated probiotics are much more convenient for a fast-paced travel experience. Gutsy offers plenty of probiotic drinks in the form of sachets, with coconut, elderberry, and lemon-lime flavours. Head to the online store to browse the Gutsy range. 


Stay Hydrated 

Though it can often slip our minds while we’re preoccupied with the excitement of exploring, drinking water is a must when it comes to promoting regular movements. When the body is dehydrated, we draw water from the food in our gut, making it harder to pass down the line. 


The easiest way to prevent this effect is to be mindful of your water intake while travelling. Pack a water bottle in your bag and remind yourself to regularly sip throughout the day, especially if the conditions are hot and humid. 


It’s important to note that water from the tap isn’t safe to drink in certain countries, so be sure to do your research and drink bottled water where necessary.


Eat The Right Food 

Our food options can be limited while traveling, with many of us opting for a cheap, quick meal to leave us feeling satisfied. Unfortunately, these types of meals don’t often pack a nutritious punch, which can potentially lead to bloating. 


Instead, take control and pack your bag with an abundance of healthy snacks, including nuts, fruit, granola, and seeds. With all the fibre and nutrients on offer, your gut will be sure to thank you. 


Create A Calm Environment

Stress is a common consequence of an unsettled gut, whether it’s caused by a lack of sleep, pre-flight nerves, or any other worries. To lessen the effects of stress, try to curate a relaxing environment in the days leading to your trip. Get plenty of rest, transition into the daily habit of taking probiotics, and engage in regular exercise. If you’re eager to try something new, give meditation a go. 


Avoid Coffee 

Perking up with a fresh cup of coffee is a habit for many people while flying, though it may be an idea to put it on hold. The delicate balance of the gut’s microflora can be thrown off by caffeine, leading to discomfort such as bloating. If the cravings are too strong, try diverting your attention toward a peppermint tea instead. Not only is it gentler on the stomach, but it’s also regularly used as a natural remedy to treat an unhappy tum. 


*These tips are applicable to those with no existing health conditions. Before switching to a new product or adopting any new behaviours, speak with a healthcare professional. 

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