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Gutsy Probiotic Gummy Recipe

June 5, 2018

Looking for an amazingly simple recipe that can make little treats that will disappear faster than you can make them? Did we mention they are super good for you too?


It is gummy making time.


This recipe incorporates the awesome healthy goodness of Gutsy’s probiotics and prebiotics with the gut healing power of gelatin. Gelatin is a fantastic source of protein, promotes a healthy thyroid function, is great for joint-health, collagen production, contains 8 of the 9 essential amino acids and has great gut healing properties.


Combining these two ingredients mean you have a powerhouse for good gut health in something that looks like a lolly. Gone are the days of needing to eat sugar filled lollies, these taste amazing are fantastic for you and are really easy to make.




What you’ll need


What you need to do

  • Have moulds ready to be filled (Silicone moulds can be bought from a variety of stores now and they are great for these)

  • Dissolve Gutsy Probiotic Drink Sachets in half of the water

  • Dissolve gelatin in other half of water then heat gently

  • Add gelatin mixture to Gutsy mixture, stir and then fill moulds


Once the mixture starts cooling it will begin to set quickly so it is important to get the moulds filled as quickly as possible. Using a large cooking syringe makes it a lot easier to fill small moulds.


The setting process can be sped up by placing them in the fridge so they can be enjoyed even sooner.


This is a very basic recipe and is open to whatever variations you would like to try. Avoid acidic fruits as they will stop the setting process.


We would love to hear from you if you have made some. Drop us an email or post your pics on Insta and tag us in them. @gutsylifebyronbay


Written by Claire Gray, Co-founder Gutsy Life


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