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Maintaining a healthy gut in the office

May 7, 2018

So we have all heard time and time again that we need to be more active in the workplace in order to combat the negative effects of sitting at a desk all day but what about nutrition in the office?


Everybody is busy!

We are all busy and everyone is just getting busier. There is more time being spent commuting as we are forced to live further from work due to inflated housing prices. It takes longer to get anywhere on the weekends because there are more people on the road. Children now have more and more social and sporting events they need to be taken to. It all culminates in a busy life. So are we looking after ourselves?


What you can do?

As with all other changes in life it is sometime easiest implementing small changes that add up to big wins.


  • Breakfast - A meal that sometimes has overlooked importance in our busy routine of trying to get to work on time but this is when your microbiome (all those awesome bacteria in your gut) are sitting around waiting for their next meal. Once they receive some breakfast they are going to be assisting the digestion process, making vitamins and regulating your metabolism, immune system and brain health. Sounds pretty important to me. The key here is to get some good fibres in, oats are great, fruits (apples and bananas), flaxseed and cacao all feed the good bacteria. This sounds like a smoothie waiting to happen if you ask me, takes 2 min and gets you out of the blocks like a champion or put together a nice warm bowl of oats with banana and cacao on top and a drizzle of good quality honey. One great thing to buy is green banana starch, this is an awesome resistant starch (we can't digest it but our bacteria love it). It can be added to smoothies, put on cereal , mixed with yoghurt, you name it.

  • Lunch - Ok so this is the meal that you need to squeeze in to that 3 minutes that you have given yourself away from your computer. It is also the meal that needs to keep you going all the way through the afternoon and up to dinner. No wonder so many people have the 3 o’clock slump. Most likely due to a crappy lunch, not enough water and sitting at your desk for 6 hours. No, no, no. It does not matter how much you love your job it is not worth shortening your life for. Lunch is about getting as many vegetables in as possible. Remember you are meant to eat 5 serves of vegetables a day which leaves a lot for dinner if you have not had any for lunch. Chopped up carrots with some gut loving hommus is awesome and easy, add celery, capsicum, beans, snow peas or any other veges that are delicious raw. Cooked and cooled potato and rice both have resistant starch in them that your gut looooves. Bring in some fried rice full of vegetables from the night before or a vege bake. Just make more for dinner than you can eat and lunch is taken care of!

  • Hydration - So you have all seen those people with 2 litre drink bottles on their desk and you have thought, well that is ridiculous, well those same people probably have nice smooth flexible insides. Staying hydrated keeps our digestive tract nice and supple which means everything keeps on moving, which is definitely what you want as it can hurt otherwise. Having water on your desk at least means it is within reach for when you are doing those evil extended sitting times at your desk. Get a jug, a bottle (reusable and ideally metal), a huge glass, whatever it takes to make sure you have water accessible and keep pouring it in. The worst that is going to happen is it will make you get up from your desk to go to the toilet. Adding Gutsy Probiotic Drink Sachets to your drink bottle is only going to help by boosting your probiotic and prebiotic levels and make you water taste awesome too! Our Coconut flavour also has hydrating salts in it so if you have done a workout before work or at lunch then it is going to assist with maintaining correct water levels in your cells to keep you alert all through the day.


Time to do something about it

Luckily there has been an uplift in knowledge around nutrition and gut health over the past 5 years but that does not necessarily mean that we have the time to implement good habits. Now that this year is well and truly underway, not exactly sure where the first 4 months went, it might be time to stop for five minutes, get up from your desk, walk round the block and have a good think about how feeling healthier, being happier and having more energy is going to change your life. Remember that Gutsy will quite happily sit in your desk drawer until you need it so keep some handy and when you are ready….Just Add Water. Have a great day and please, stay active!




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