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What’s your flava...Tell me what’s your flava!

February 19, 2018

 In the famous words of Craig David...What’s your flava...tell me what’s your flava!


With positive sales and feedback from customers online, and strong sales in local outlets in the Northern Rivers NSW area, we sold out! Now the Gutsy team has decided to go all in!

Yay, I hear you say!!!


We are super duper, stupendously, off the hook ecstatic to be sharing that we are launching our 3 new amazing flavours today!

What’s new?

Our super tasty drink is sure to tantalise your tastebuds, our 3 delicious flavours are:

After listening to feedback from our valued customers, we have made some slight changes too. We have refined the flavour of the Elderberry & Lime to make it taste even better. And for those devotees, although we have dropped the lime out of the name, the little green citrus fruit is still in there, just not in the title.


Although our probiotic blend was good, we now have made it even better by making a multi-strain formula containing Lactobacillus Plantarum (Lb-115) and Bifidobacterium Longum (Bl-05). So what is so good about these strains? Research shows that these bacteria strains have a tolerance to both the acidity in the stomach and the bile salts in the small intestines. It may also protect against pathogens as they are less likely to colonize within the intestines. Meaning that these good guys will make it to your gut and the more of the good guys the less of the baddies.


What’s the same?

  • Gutsy Life’s mission is to create healthy drinks for the community while having a positive impact on the environment.

  • The eye catching and innovative pouch design is great for portability and style and the sachets are super convenient when you are on the go.

  • Gutsy Probiotic Drink Sachets have no added sugar and contain less than 10 calories per serve.

  • They are still gluten free, lactose free and vegan friendly, and are Australian made and owned.

  • Gutsy can be bought online, www.gutsy.life and in a selection of health food stores, pharmacies, convenience stores and independent supermarkets throughout Australia with a RRP of $11.95. So nice and affordable for those purse strings!


What are Gutsy Customers saying?

"I am absolutely loving the Gutsy Probiotic Drink Sachets! I have been having these in my water daily for the past two weeks. I love that this is helping improve my gut health, and additionally it tastes amazing. The packaging is convenient enough to slip into your handbag so you always have it on hand. As well as being super cost effective vs. other probiotic drinks on the market. Very happy and will definitely be a repeat customer" - Vanessa, VIC


"For the first time ever, I am feeling so great! My 'normal' before Gutsy was regularly feeling bloated, often not passing for several days, and feeling sick for hours as my system backed up. For only having tested Gutsy for one week, my digestive system is back on track, regular, comfortable, no more pain, no more sickness and I feel like I'm having a sneaky treat because it tastes amazing! I love Gutsy, they have improved my health so much and can't wait for more flavours" - Jade, QLD


"We took Gutsy on a week long hiking trip where we camped along the way. It was so convenient and light to carry in and out. Once we had sterilised our water it was the perfect way to make our water taste great. We were drinking out of a puddle! We all felt our guts were happier at the end of this hike compared to others" - Cat, VIC


"Love our Gutsy sachets! I really felt it helped with bloating and tastes delicious! We're drinking more water than ever and the kids and hubby love it too! The customer service is amazing, I couldn't recommend Gutsy enough!" - Cheryl, NSW


So look out Kombucha there is a new functional health beverage in town and it is set to take Australia and the world by storm!


Let us know if you have any feedback, we just love getting it, otherwise jump online and buy some of your favourite flava flaves!


Written by Ben & Claire Gray, Co-founders of Gutsy Life


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