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Gut loving lunch ideas for you & the kids!

January 30, 2018

With kids going back to school, many parents may be fist pumping, as keeping the kids entertained or managing care while you work can be a nightmare. However, with the little people back at school comes the stress of making a healthy lunch that your kids will eat. Let’s face it, not a lot of us have time to be making Instagram worthy lunchbox treats for our kids, or for ourselves for that matter. Here are a few healthy lunch ideas for you and the kids to try in 2018, and your gut will love you for it!


Chopped up veggies with hummus - we tend to do the 4C’s in our household; cucumber, carrot, celery and capsicum. However, I won’t say no to beans, snow peas, cherry tomatoes, pretty much any tasty morsel that I can scoop some hummus onto. Did you know that hummus is full of gut loving goodness? It is high in dietary fibre which feeds the bacteria in our gut and provides a bunch of health benefits such as decreasing inflammation, helping digestion and intestinal health. And it has loads of vitamins and minerals and is a good source of protein! A fantastic snack for morning tea to keep your energy levels up for the rest of the day.


Cold rice, pasta or potatoes - this may sound like an unusual meal, but stay with me. Your leftover rice, pasta or potatoes are full of resistant starch, which just means they are resistant to digestion. Resistant starch is a prebiotic, which feeds the good bacteria in your gut. The process called retrogradation occurs when rice, pasta or potatoes are cooked and cooled. You don’t need to worry about the process, just put your left overs in the fridge and the next day they are full of gut feeding fibre. Just keep in mind they need to be eaten cold or reheated very slowly. So when making dinner, make a little extra rice, pasta or potatoes for the next day. Have these leftovers, with some tuna, a boiled egg, falafel or left over meat to get that protein hit. Great in salads too. 




Popcorn in coconut oil - and I’m not talking about microwave popcorn. Popping your own kernels of corn with coconut oil on the stove is a great after school snack for the kids. The coconut oil is not only a healthy oil to cook with, it also gives the popcorn a great taste. Lightly salt and pepper if that’s your thang! Popcorn is a great source of fibre, it is quick and easy to make and it is also cheap. Portion up for lunch boxes for the kids and yourselves for the next day. It can be hard to stop eating this tasty treat, so make sure you portion before it all gets eaten up. A great snack for your 3pm tea break at work, and way better than hitting the vending machine, or raiding the cupboard.

Yoghurt with berries - I’d love to say that I am making my own yoghurt, but hey I’m like most people who like the concept but never get around to it. Try either a coconut yoghurt, greek yoghurt or natural yoghurt. Don’t fall into the trap of buying a yoghurt that is low fat as they mostly have loads of sugar. Put in a container and top with berries, chia seeds and cinnamon for a great flavour flave. However, bear in mind that eating yoghurt doesn’t guarantee you will get the probiotics in your yoghurt when you consume it, as the pasteurisation process kills off the bad bacteria and in the process can wipe out the good guys. These days some yoghurts add strains of probiotics at the end, so always look on the label to see if there are live cultures and what strains.


Gutsy Probiotic Drink Sachets - A tasty drink sachet that you can put into the kids lunch box, or add straight into their water bottle before they head off to school. Gutsy Probiotic Drink Sachet’s come in a sleek pouch and individual sachets, so not only are they great for the kids, but you can also slip them into your handbag or laptop bag for your day at work. There are 2 billion beneficial bacteria per serve. They not only taste delicious but have no added sugar, are gluten free, lactose free and vegan friendly. They also help you keep hydrated throughout the day by making your water a bit more fun!


We hope this has given you some inspiration for your lunch, and hasn’t made you too hungry!



Written by Claire Gray, Co-Founder at Gutsy Life and mum to two hungry boys!





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