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Getting through the silly season with a healthy gut

December 11, 2017

Well that time of year has rolled around again. The last minute dash to the finish line before  some time with family over Christmas. This time of year is full of catch ups, coffees, brunches, lunches and dinners to squeeze in some special time with your peeps, and throw in a few work Christmas parties for good measure. This often means that we are exposed to more tempting, decadent food and drink choices than in a typical week, whether you’re enticed by a few arancini balls washed down with an aperol spritz, a snag or two on the barbie with a local craft beer or a couple of glasses of bubbles with a side of soft cheese (if that’s your thang).. So how do we get through the silly season with our guts intact?


The king of gut health himself, Dr Michael Mosely states that the top foods to avoid to maintain a health and diverse gut microbiome are sugar and processed foods. Add to the mix alcohol and your gut may not be too happy. But if you can’t indulge a little at Christmas time, when can you? We are big believers in having balance in our lives, and also in our guts.


Here are our hots tips to keep your gut happy through the silly season:


Keep hydrated - We all know that we need to drink at least 2L of water a day. With the hot steamy Australian summers, it is even more important to keep hydrated. Katherine Hay, our resident gut nutritionist recommends “incorporating a squeeze of fresh lemon into warm water 30 mins before breakfast helps to kick start our metabolism and helps to break down fats and complex protein.” But what about  when you are consuming alcohol? “Make sure that you are hydrated before you start consuming alcohol. Then have at least a glass of water to each glass of your desired alcoholic beverage.” This is often easier said than done. And if you are planning a big night out, get your water bottle prepped on your bedside table before you head out. That way you can slam down that H2O as soon as you roll into bed. If you struggle to get those 2Ls in to your day, why not make your water a little more fun by adding a tasty Gutsy Probiotic Drink Sachets.



The 80/20 rule - (although it may feel like the 20/80 rule at Christmas time). If you know that you will be in a situation where the food choices will be limited to unhealthy options, try to plan ahead. If you know that you have a decadent dinner, be conscious of what you consume during that day. Try to avoid too many sugary foods - when dessert comes out, opt for the fruit platter  rather than the sugary alternative. The good news is that chocolate isn’t completely out...ask Santa to bring you dark chocolate rather than your old mate milk chocolate. Katherine explains that “dark chocolate is high in magnesium. Magnesium helps with the production of energy from carbohydrates and fats, which provides energy for nearly all of the body’s metabolic processes (helping us with energy levels throughout the day). Other magnesium rich foods are brown rice, almonds and avocados.”


Take a probiotic supplement - "Getting on top of your gut health is even more important during times of stress, drinking alcohol or when you have not been eating the right things" Katherine explains. This is often the time for burnout too - you don’t want to fall over the finish line. "If you don’t eat fermented foods regularly, you may need to take a supplement to balance out your gut microbiome." Gutsy Probiotic Drink Sachets are a tasty beverage that you can drink daily to ensure that your gut stays balanced and in check with all that it is being exposed to. Note - leaving Christmas shopping til Christmas eve may also induce stress!




Sleep - There is nothing quite like that afternoon siesta on Christmas day to make room for the turkey dinner with all the trimmings. Often when we are busy, drinking


or stressed we don’t have good quality sleep. Take the opportunity while you have time off to catch up on sleep. Try not to jam pack your break so you can truly relax and have that afternoon nap. Avoid coffee late in the day as this may impact your sleep cycles. Try to avoid snacking after dinner also.


Exercise - Keeping a routine over this crazy, busy time can be hard, but creating positive habits can help. Get a friend to join you, or do a class so that you are motivated to attend and not flake at the last minute. Go for a walk at lunch time. Take the stairs instead of the lift. Create little rituals to keep you moving.


We all hope you feel silly season ready now. Instead of getting your cab to detour through Macca’s drive through for that Big Mac after your work Christmas party, why not walk off that booze with your work bestie catching up on all the goss from your Christmas party and head to the 24hr kebab shop for an open souva and lots of water. We all have choices...hopefully some of these will help.




Written by Claire Gray, Co-founder Gutsy Life



To find out more about  Katherine Hay from Kaptured Nutrition


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