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Gutsy Life - The Who, The Why and The Blog

November 15, 2017

Welcome to our first Gutsy Life blog. A bit about us; we are a young family from Byron Bay who were sick of not having any healthy drinks for both us and our children. The world is saturated with drinks full of sugar, which may be ok for a special occasion but what about all the other times you are looking for something delicious that isn’t unhealthy. So we started a collaborative effort with one of the largest probiotic suppliers in Australia to produce a delicious drink that can be enjoyed anytime and that also included the added benefits of probiotics and prebiotics, more about these in our second blog.


As you may have guessed we are not a big pharmaceutical company, nor do we want to be. The whole reason we started this company was to make a fun and tasty drink that the whole family could enjoy, not to make little pills and bombard you with facts about why you need them in your life. We don’t want to be compared to those big boys so we will be noticeably different in everything, from our packaging to our marketing and communications.


We want to provide you with quick snippets of useful information to help keep you and your family healthier in a world that is constantly trying to do the opposite. No long, boring blogs. There is a stack of really well written information already out there about gut health and the environment so from time to time we are going to link out to things that we think are great and you could benefit from, not rewrite and recycle the same old things.


We have partnered with the experts, including gut nutritionists, personal trainers, yoga instructors, psychologists, and mindfulness gurus who will be working with us to help bring you up to date information about how you can make small changes in your life that will have a large cumulative impact. Change is hard and there is enough we are trying to achieve in life, so we want to make being healthy easy.


So what can you expect from Gutsy Life Blog I hear you ask? Well, we will drop you handy fun facts about gut health, easy recipes, healthy eating tips, some cheeky exercise moves, and maybe the occasional fact about how bad plastics are for our family and our environment. Gutsy Life's mission is to stop single use plastic bottles after all!


We hope you love our blog as much as Gutsy Probiotic Drink Sachets and are as excited as us about making some small changes that make a big difference. Welcome to the world of Living Life Gutsy! Keeping to our mantra, I will finish this one here and hope you sign up to our newsletter so you can keep up to date with ways to Live Your Life Gutsy.


The Gutsy Life Team

Ben and Claire Gray, Co-founders of Gutsy Life


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