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We have a lot of happy customers

Here are comments from a few...

Morgan (Vic)

"I've had IBS and throat ulcers for the better part of 10 years, throat ulcers make it difficult to swallow capsule form probiotics. 

I stumbled across Gutsy when my naturopath recommended dissolvable probiotics two years ago, and it's honestly been amazing! It tastes great (my favourite is Elderberry), my tummy is happier, my throat ulcers rarely flare up, it's had a great effect on my skin too which is a bonus, and it's affordable. I recommend Gutsy to everyone and practically force them to try it when they question the "pink drink" in my water bottle haha. 

For the price too, give it a go! Gutsy 110%!"

Susan (SA)

“What a difference these little sachets have made to my wellbeing ! No more thinking that “normal” was feeling bloated and I have so much more energy. So simple, tasty and easy to add into the daily routine.

My trucker hubby has also started using gutsy and noticed a difference within a few days .... and he is now drinking more water and less soft drinks !”

Sarah (NSW)

“What a brilliant idea to have neat individually packed servings, I take mine everywhere and they’re perfect for when travelling overseas, the taste is great and I feel amazing too!”

Ben (NSW)

“Such a great product. Makes drinking water easy as, and gives you the benefit of improved gut health. Can’t believe I haven’t had these earlier.”

Jade (QLD)

"For the first time ever, I am feeling so great! My 'normal' before Gutsy was regularly feeling bloated, often not passing for several days, and feeling sick for hours as my system backed up. For only having tested Gutsy for one week, my digestive system is back on track, regular, comfortable, no more pain, no more sickness and I feel like I'm having a sneaky treat because it tastes amazing!"

Emma (VIC)

"When I ordered Gutsy I expected something that tasted like an electrolyte but was surprised it was such a tasty drink, something you could drink every day. We love the taste of the drink and it has made us feel great, our three year old cannot get enough of it also"

Cheryl (NSW)

"Love our Gutsy sachets! I really felt it helped with bloating and tastes delicious! We're drinking more water than ever and the kids and hubby love it too! The customer service is amazing, I couldn't recommend Gutsy enough!"

Vanessa (VIC)

"I am absolutely loving the Gutsy Probiotic sachets! I have been having these in my water daily for the past two weeks. I love that this is helping improve my gut health, and additionally it tastes amazing. The packaging is convenient enough to slip into your handbag so you always have it on hand. "

Catherine (VIC)

"We took Gutsy on a week long hiking trip where we camped along the way. It was so convenient and light to carry in and out. Once we had sterilised our water it was the perfect way to make our water taste great.

We all felt our guts were happier at the end of this hike compared to others."

Dawn (VIC)

After years of waking up with heartburn and relying on antacids for relief, I started taking Gutsy each morning.  The improvement in my digestive system was immediate.